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28.3.2022 -
Piglin Update 3/27/2022
Author: God

Piglin Invasion Update

+ Added 30% of small raids (5-8 monsters) on mainland coasts.
(Including Piglin ones on southern coasts)
+ Added new NPC interaction related with Piglin Quest, and access to their isle.
(NPC will only respond once you have "Piglin Ear" in your inventory.)
!Beware Invading Piglins are around 20% weaker than native ones!

Client Changes:
+ Additional improment in walk-path, click point break-off.
- Disabled default extra panels on left, and right side.
(You can still enable them in options)
This change is related how monster/containers are opened.
You can still drag tabs (like backpacks, skills, battle, vips etc) to each side of the screen.

Upcoming changes:
~ Client Interface rework
~ Adjust Piglins
~ Adjust frequency of small raids.
(30% for one small raid to happen every 10h)
(There are 2 chances daily for small raids to happen daily)
(Big raids have 0.01-5% chance once a day)

Please download latest client version.

Please report bugs on website forums, website report bug feature, or/and discord.

Please submit your proposals, and quality of life changes on discord or website forums.



25.3.2022 -
Upcoming Update 3/27/2022
Author: God
Upcoming update:
- Adds mini-raids (Orc, Piglins, Bandits, Amazons, Elf)
- Few changes to NPCs for quests with Piglins - once item is aquired from their raid.)
- Client upgrade (better pathing, 50% chance of nicer template)

(There will be around up to 2h downtime around 9PM Chicago Time this Sunday)


23.3.2022 -
Client Hotfix 2
Author: God

- Beware -

There is a bug where one cannot use runes on themselves, or other players.

Hotfix has been released



22.3.2022 -
Changes 3/22/2022
Author: God

Please report any bugs on forums or on discord.

+ Price reduction for promotion (2000 gp)

Pending (End of Week):
+ Working on clients odd walking "lag" that can happen.
(Not actual lag, just wrong interpretation of walk/path finding in the client)
+ Will also add Dragon Lord Scale Mail (drops from Demodras)
+ Creating, and add higher chance for small Pigskin raids.
(They will appear in small groups of 5-6 weaker mobs near coasts)
(Proper raid would perma block off certain city until server save,
if it got triggered with players with their current levels.)



20.3.2022 -
Client Hotfix 1
Author: God
+ Fixed reported issues

(If you had downloaded client prior, please download newest version)
(Automatic updates in pipe)